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Facility Use Policies


First United Methodist Church of Corvallis Event Policies 06.12


As part of its commitment to service, First United Methodist Church Corvallis (FUMC) seeks to provide the Corvallis community with meeting and performance spaces. The rental costs and fees help FUMC maintain its buildings and cover the overhead costs affiliated with its use.



  • Our Mission is to bring people into a living relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, that we might love the world as God loves the world.

  • Reconciling Statement – We are a Reconciling Congregation and welcome all persons into full participation in the life of the congregation regardless of age, sex, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental condition, and are devoted to the reconciliation of all persons as children of God.


  • Non-affiliated User -

    Those who are not members of FUMC pay a facility use fee to use space at the full rate limited to the schedule and availability.

  • Use by Members -

    Currently active FUMC members pay a facility use fee at a reduced rate limited to the schedule and availability.

  • Ministry Related Organizations -

    Organizations and programs which shares ministry objectives of FUMC pay a facility use fee at a negotiated rate limited to the schedule and availability. Final decisions on reduced rates are approved by the Board of Trustees prior to scheduling your event.

  • Staff -

    Currently employed staff are allowed to schedule one event for free in the course of the calendar year as per the personnel guidelines.




  • Meeting rooms - 20-65 people.

  • Classrooms/Youth recreation room – 25-50 people.

  • Community center hall – up to 600 people or 280 seated people.

  • Community Center kitchen – See Kitchen Use.

  • Sanctuary- 360 people plus 175 in the choir loft (use for religious purposes must be approved by the clergy).

  • Open area around library and offices– 65 people (coffee service available).

  • Daycare/Childcare rooms- 30 people (Childcare can only be provided by FUMC Staff for an additional fee. Use is limited to availability of staff).

  • Wesley Hall – 180 people (including Labyrinth).




  • Based on per room/per hour basis.

  • Larger rooms- depends on occupancy numbers.

  • Event Host (additional fee) provided and mandatory for performances and events which require access to equipment or modification of rooms.

  • Equipment rental – The Church has decorations, risers, music stands & more for use in our space




  • Regular FUMC events take precedence. All events scheduled around regular FUMC events, rehearsals and services.

  • Reservations must include times needed for rehearsal and setups.

  • FUMC office is open Monday- Thursday 9-4 and Friday 9-12n. Additional fees may be assessed for use of FUMC outside those hours as determined by the scheduling staff.

  • Reservations can be made up to a year in advance. Reservations further out cannot be solidified but we can attempt to hold a date if requested.

  • Rooms may be held ‘on request’ for up to 30 days.

  • Events canceled less than 30 days before the reserved date are subject to an administration fee.

  • Groups must have a payment agreement with the office and make payments on dates agreed to by both parties.




  • Appoint a single representative to communicate with our event host or scheduling staff.

  • Complete a Waiver and release form, acknowledge receipt of FUMC’s child-safety policy and agree to operate in a manner that keeps children, youth, and vulnerable adults safe.

  • Clean area after event. Leave the set-up the way you found it or as directed by staff. Dispose of garbage in waste receptacles and recycling bins. A custodial fee will be charged if the room is not left in satisfactory condition.

  • No pets, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs on church property. No food/beverages in the sanctuary.

  • No fires in fireplaces. No candles without express permission.

  • Follow fire codes and ordinances.

  • Loss or damage to church property will be the responsibility of the user.




  • Piano/organ use must be requested when the space is reserved

  • Do not move pianos unless specifically requested. Only Church staff can move or supervise moving pianos.

  • A fee for moving a piano will be charged. (The fee may be waived if the user/group tunes the piano prior to their event. The tuning should be scheduled at the time of registration.)




  • Moving church property, such as furniture, is done only under supervision of church staff.

  • Use of additional furniture must be requested before event to coordinate different event needs.

  • Church Furniture should not be used for anything besides its intended use.




  • Church is not liable or responsible for the loss of personal property due to fire, theft, abuse, misuse or acts of God while it is being stored or used at FUMC.

  • Please do not leave valuables unsecured or unattended.




  • Do not imply FUMC endorses your activity unless this is cleared with the church.

  • Permission to post advertizing within the church must be cleared by church office.




  • Used for any event which uses church equipment or requires the modification of the space.

  • Provides sound and lights as requested or provides detailed instructions on the use of Church equipment.

  • Supervises moving of furniture and church property.

  • Is typically present for the set up and tear down of rehearsals and concerts providing building access and stage management.

  • The Event Host charges a base fee for initial interactions and the first three hours of labor. Additional hours are charged at a fixed hourly rate.




  • Fees for Kitchen use vary depending on if you intend light use or heavy use.


Light Use means outside food brought in and set up (no onsite-food preparation).


Heavy use means full meal preparation. Food preparation requires a Food Handler’s Card as issued by Benton County.


  • All kitchen use requires a volunteer Kitchen Steward to be present during the time you are using the kitchen.

  • All food currently in the kitchen is not to be used by outside groups.

  • All items used in food prep must be cleaned and returned to original locations.

  • Kitchen must be cleaned and returned to original condition. Garbage and recycling must be properly disposed.




Violation of any rule is sufficient grounds for a staff member to withdraw the group’s permission for use of the facility and/or deny future use.




Weddings and Funerals do not fall under these policy guidelines.