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The Santa Rosa Labyrinth©
by Lea Goode in Santa Rosa, California, 1997

This new labyrinth design rose out of deep inspiration sparked by curiosity combined with research into the labyrinths of antiquity. The Santa Rosa design adds to the diversity and evolution of labyrinths across time. This universal labyrinth brings together seven circuits, equal armed quarter markings, and a small space on the fourth path where no one walks. While traversing the labyrinth, this "heart-space" is approached from all four directions and can be used for contemplation of the heart and the unfolding of self into life. This labyrinth is a gift from the Creative Life Force, coming first through me as an instrument, to all who walk and contemplate its path.


The container of the labyrinth holds the entire spectrum of human feelings and emotions regardless of age, race, gender, or spiritual orientation. This walking meditation allows for internal and external contemplation. As well as for meditation or prayer, the labyrinth is a place to play and connect with self and the company of others. When walking the labyrinth, find your own pace. Let yourself experience sharing the path with others. While waiting your turn, the position of witness is extremely important to yourself and those already walking. Walking the labyrinth is an opportunity to let go of the past and come into the moment of mind, body, and feet connecting with the path beneath you. The labyrinth is a place to find stillness, and a space to listen to your innermost thoughts. A labyrinth always leads to a center, with no false starts or dead ends. The goal of reaching the center is but a part of the journey. It is in staying present with every step of the path, both inward and outward, that meaningful truths are revealed. Within the twists and turns there is room to explore joy and sorrow, internal and external experiences, and to integrate the complexities of the times we live in.


The Santa Rosa Labyrinth© continues to be a source of inspiration for creativity, discovery, and growth. As this design goes out into the world, Lea Goode wants to acknowledge those others who have assisted in. its birth: Richard Feather Anderson and Robert Ferré for bringing sacred geometry to its unfolding; Marilyn Larson for discovery of its dance of relationship; Sue Anne Foster for artistic expression; Jim Strand, and Marty & Debi Kermeen for awakening its voice with stone; the ongoing support and. inspiration from Jeff Saward; Kimberly Lowelle; Laura Lopez; Alyssa Hall; the Madriñas; The Institute of Imaginal Studies; Angela Center; Lea Goode's family; Earth Elders, Sebastopol Teen Center; and the Creative Potential in life that patiently waits for us all.

The Santa Rosa Labyrinth© is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without Lea Goode's permission. rev. 1/2000

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